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VNewsletter – Big Changes are Coming!

Hi there everyone,

There has been a lot happening here at Shoe String HQ lately.

Next week we will be making some big changes happening with our VNewsletter: we will be formatting things differently giving you an overall better experience seeing what is happening, who is doing what and of course a revamped version
of our videos with our new presenters.

Meanwhile over in La La land Simon has began his adventure to visit 10 of the biggest US startup cities in 20 days. Follow the adventure on and watch the video above to get a gist about what we are trying to achieve. It’s going to be
one crazy road.

We also have some new bloggers coming on board who are all very opinionated, biased and are sure to generate lots of discussion on the blog, we are very much looking forward to our commentary under articles being taken to the next level.

The new development that I am most excited about however is our new in article advertising for startups and SME’s that will allow businesses running on tight budgets to take advantage of a low cost monthly subscription advertising model –stay tuned!



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