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Brewed Episode II – Vanishing Elephant


Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell are the three co-founders of Sydney based fashion label Vanishing Elephant. The success story of Vanishing Elephant is phenomenal. After founding in 2008 and first arriving in store in 2009, the brand is now available through out North America, UK and Europe, Japan, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The brand was awarded GQ designer of the year in 2010 and have now opened their first retail shop in Melbourne Australia in late 2011.

For our second episode of ‘Brewed’, a new video series where we interview influential founders and people making a small dent in their universe, we sat down with Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell of Vanishing Elephant.

In the above conversation, which was filmed at Vanishing Elephant’s Surry Hills headquarters, we cover questions such as:

– What were they doing prior to founding Vanishing Elephant?
– How Felix, Huw and Arran first connected?
– How sales agencies work in the fashion industry?
– How was Vanishing Elephant established?
– How they received funding and a workspace to get Vanishing Elephant started?
– How important prior relationships and networks have been for them?
– How they juggled other income paying jobs whilst working on Vanishing Elephant?
– What were the biggest hurdles starting Vanishing Elephant?
– How social media is impacting their business now versus when they started?
– When they knew Vanishing Elephant was really taking off?
– How they staff themselves?
– How the design process really works at a fashion label? And how that has evolved over time?
– Where they are headed with Vanishing Elephant?
– What does a typical day involve for each of them?
– What keeps them motivated?
– And the biggest lessons they’ve learned since establishing their label?

Enjoy! I know you’ll love their story!

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